Commercial Repairs

So let us ask you a question if you don’t mind…


When was the last time you had someone come in a give your building a little check up?


If you are among the many others out there then you probably can’t remember the last time, if you ever even had someone come out and take a look.

Early Detection is KEY!

Well first we should explain a little bit about what we mean by a “check up.” When we use this term, we mean a complete and full building inspection, looking in places that you would never think to look and patching up problems that you didn’t even know you had!


Unfortunately for us business owners, the majority of problems that arise in commercial buildings are ones that you don’t see on an every day basis. This is what makes small problems become much bigger ones in the future because when you fail to address these little issues early on they become much larger as time goes on and in turn, much more expensive.

You’re in Luck!

Luckily for you, our contracting team is among the most experienced in the business and have worked with commercial buildings all around the world, partnered with teams all around the country. Our most recent projects include ones with Tulsa roofing companies as shown here and you would be surprised at the variety of buildings this entailed.


This means we have seen A LOT of problems occurring and have mastered our craft of fixing them all.


Whether you need a roof repair, plumbing, or some resurfacing done, we are the team you have been looking for because we have tackled them all.


Having so many connections and contacts in the commercial business and not a small cottage, we have the reputation and supply of materials to handle any problem you might have for us. What’s more is that you will be getting nothing but top notch quality at nothing but rock bottom prices.


Seriously, you simply won’t be able to find the products and services we are offering here at lower prices; GUARANTEED!


If you don’t believe us, bring is a written statement from any of our competitors on the same job and we will not only match their price, but we will throw in an additional 15% off your total bill for the inconvenience!


That’s how confident we are in our business and how passionate we feel about helping YOU!


Capita Commercial